Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How much will a completed pizza oven cost?

A – The prices can vary greatly depending on design. A basic design with a concrete block base, (on an existing footing), with a Piccolo oven and a concrete block upper enclosure with roof would be approximately $4,250.00. This could be finished with a stone veneer, stucco or paint. At the other end of the scale, a complete, custom designed Quatro Oven finished in natural stone with granite counters, tile roof and wood storage would be $9,000.00 to $10,000.00.

Q – What are the pizza ovens made of?

A – Tuscany ovens are manufactured using vitrified fireclay and a high alumina cement. The aggregate and cement mix is poured into the moulds for the individual oven sections. These sections fit together with a lap joint that requires no cementing of the sections. This allows each section to expand and contract independently.

Q – Can I install a Tuscany oven myself?

A – Yes, if you have done other projects around the home you should have no problem installing a Tuscany oven. Tuscany ovens are made up of sections that are easily handled by two people. They fit together without the use of cement so there is no chance of things “setting up” before the job is done.

Q – Are Tuscany ovens CSA approved?

A – The requirements for CSA B365 approval state that the installation must adhere to the building code of your local authority. Tuscany ovens fall under the masonry section of the building code, the installation has to be done using these guidelines in order for CSA approval.

Q – I want to install a pizza oven inside my house, can I do this?

A – Tuscany ovens are typically installed within an outdoor kitchen structure or free standing on a patio. For an interior installation there are some steps required before getting a designer involved. The first thing you must do is ask your local building department what their requirements are for this kind of installation. The second thing is to contact your house insurance agent to find out if they have any requirements as far as installing a “Masonry fireplace with wood burning insert” inside your house. They may require a WETT Certified inspection of the finished project.

Q – Will a gas burner change the taste of the food?

A – The gas barbecue has taken over from the briquette burning hibachi with wide acceptance but there are still the purist that want the flavour only given by briquettes. This is where the Avanzini burner shines, Avanzini Burners are designed to heat the oven to operating temperature quickly and conveniently still allowing a small wood fire to give that special smoky flavour. The best of both worlds.

Q – I want a complete outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and barbecue within a custom designed structure, can you do that?

A – Yes! With many years of design/build experience and a list of remarkable associates we can do whatever your heart desires. Even if you just want the Tuscany oven installed, we can take care of you. Call Bill @ 604-657-3881