Gas Burners

The Drago P1, which is a vertical flame atmospheric multi-gas burner designed for the conversion of small ovens, especially for private use, from wood to gas.

Product Information

The flame created by the total pre-mixing fire system of the Drago is very bright and replaces 100% of the characteristics of cooking with wood, but with the advantage of occupying very little space inside the oven in order to increase the cooking area and to be able to control the heat extremely easily simply by turning a knob. It can be installed inside ovens up to 100 cm in diameter and is fully adaptable to different types of oven as regards the internal cooking area and in reference to dome height. In fact, the user can set the lowest amount of heat for maintaining the oven at cooking temperature and also the highest amount of heat for quickly bringing the oven to cooking temperature. Between these two settings, the flame adjustment knob allows the user to change the amount of heat produced inside the oven. The Drago P1 can be installed outdoors because it does not require an electrical connection and is not affected by damp weather. The Drago P1 is equipped with a thermocouple to ensure total safety for the user at all times.


Video Demonstration