Tuscany Ovens

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Made in the Tuscany region of Italy, these ovens are manufactured to exacting standards to give years of trouble free service.

Product Information

High Quality Refractory
Our ovens are made of materials that can withstand temperatures up to 1200 Celsius.

Excellent Heat Retention
Once heated, the oven will stay at operational temperature for several hours. The oven is designed for maximum efficiency and will use less wood than other ovens.

Designed for Metal Chimneys
Tuscany ovens are designed to use standard 8 inch metal chimney thereby reducing the cost comparable to masonry chimneys.

Many Sizes Available
Tuscany ovens come in four models and sizes. From the Medio to the Mini, there is a Tuscany Oven that will suit your needs.

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Piccolo $1,995.00


Mini $1,695.00